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1966 Lyman Day Cruiser

One Fine Day is a fully restored, 28-foot twin engine, semi-enclosed Lyman "Islander" day cruiser built in 1966.  It is NY State-inspected as a public vessel with all updated safety equipment. Since One Fine Day is 10 ½ feet wide, she is very stable and the aft deck is roomy enough for standing, sitting, or lounging. The boat is large, comfortable, and safe, even for small children.  You and your party are the only passengers on board during your charter.


Under the hardtop there is a dinette with a table and seating for 4-6  plus a refrigerator. It's the perfect spot to get out of the sun and weather or grab a snack if you’d like. There the Captain will be at the helm, and he can regale you with tales of the history of the lake. Below deck is a marine head (toilet) and private changing area.

One Fine Day is registered with the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

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